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Welcome to passer-de-watch! The first site intended exclusively for watch passers-by. Your watch no longer fits your wrist because the strap loop has broken? Good news ! On our online store, you have the opportunity to buy a loop for a leather strap, stainless steel or rubber (silicone), and for renowned watch brands such as Casio G-Shock, Fossil, Diesel, Hermès as well only for Garmin brand GPS watches. The quality loops we offer also fit on connected SmartWatches such as Xiaomi, Apple Watch, Samsung, etc.

Before any purchase, it is essential to measure the size of watch strap you need. Not sure how to measure a watch loop? Do not panic ! A detailed guide is available on how to measure a watch loop. It is done with a ruler or a caliper. If you don't have this equipment, we thought of you! Download our printable ruler to easily measure the watch strap to be replaced. This guide works just as well on a Swatch, Tissot, Rolex watch as it does on an Adidas, Fila, or Lacoste sports watch.

Sometimes, it is necessary to disassemble the pin buckle or the folding clasp of a watch to change the watch loop without constraint. Wearing a watch without a loop is very unpleasant, it is complicated to wear a watch on the wrists without it. Order a brand new watch loop to wear a watch comfortably.

There is no longer any possible doubt about your future watch loop purchase! Buy the watch loop that perfectly matches the strap of the watch to be repaired. No watchmaking skills necessary

Renovate a collection of watches with a quality loop

Our watch loops are suitable for stainless steel, leather and synthetic leather straps. They also fit on a silicone (or rubber) and plastic watch strap. With the many colors we offer, you can modify a multitude of watches! Easily adapt the color of the loop to the dial or case of your watch. For example for the waterproof silicone loops, you have the choice to buy a white, blue, green, brown, khaki, gray, yellow, black, orange, pink, red, transparent, green, purple, pink, and much more to fit it perfectly on an Ice Watch brand watch. Also suitable for Casio, Esprit, Hugo Boss and Lacoste watches, the silicone loops offer an impressive color palette.

Discover our range of timepiece loops suitable for NATO watches as well as Daniel Wellingtons. Their nylon strap (or fabric strap) can be worn comfortably with a new watch loop! Find a varied color palette (black, silver, gold and rose gold). Find the right watch loop to renovate your watchmaker, and not swear on your luxury watch and restore its value to your jewel. Our loops fit on men's or women's watches whether your watch has a chronograph or a quartz movement, find the perfect loop to report a broken watch! Adapt our range of leather loops to a Festina, Seiko, Louis Pion, Calvin Klein or a Michael Kors brand watch.

We also offer metal watch loops for a stainless steel Milanese mesh strap with folding or pin buckle. The loops are perfect for a flat and padded leather strap. With the wide range of sizes available, it is easy to adapt a resistant loop on a timeless and unisex bracelet of strength or on a beautiful diver's watch!

Why order from band-loop.com?

Band Loop has a multitude of loops for watch straps in leather, silicone, plastic or metal. Sold individually or in batches, you can repair your watch at a low price, without having to change the bracelet!

Our company is French. It has been established since 2010 in the south-west, in Occitania. Serving a large number of customers, both individuals and professionals, our after-sales service team is at your disposal, by email and telephone, every day of the week. Customer relations and the experience of our site are important subjects for us. Thus, we strive to listen, and are open to your suggestions.

We hope that, thanks to our quality loops, you will find the pleasure of bringing back your watches left out because they were broken!