Secure payment

Our secure payment

On, you can pay by bank transfer, credit card (much faster order processing), and by check (order processing within 15 days).

By credit card

We use Paypal as well as Payline for payment by credit card.

What is PayPal?

Paypal is a 100% secure service (SSL protocol) which guarantees the confidentiality of your personal information. This online payment service allows you to send and receive payments and money. It also features a wallet that allows you to pay directly through your PayPal balance without a credit card.

What is PayLine?

PayLine is a solution to accept online payment by credit card. This solution owned by the French company Monext which therefore complies with all the security standards imposed on all banking establishments.

The various credit cards and other means of payment accepted are as follows:

- Blue card

- MasterCard


-American Express

- Aurora card

- Cofinoga

- 4 stars

Wire Transfer

The bank transfer can be made on Order processing will take longer (authorization time depending on the bank). If bank transfer payment is used for the order, the instructions will be sent to you.

By cheque

You can also pay by check on our online store. Order processing will take