Kospet watch strap loop

Kospet watch strap loop

Quality Kospet watch loop made of superior rubber. It is a watch loop that has an original shape since it adapts to Kospet brand watches and in particular to the Kospet Hope and Kospet Optimus Pro models. This Kospet loop allows you to repair a brand bracelet and adapt to its contours like the original. The Kospet watch loop allows you to attach the watch strap to your wrist so you don't lose your favorite smartwatch. He is a passer-by who can cheaply repair a Hope and Optimus Pro watch. Do not wait any longer to order the strap loop that suits your watch and wear your watch again without risk of losing it.


It is with this type of Kospet watch loop that you can comfortably block your watch at the wrist. Entirely made with quality silicone, it can be easily cleaned with soapy water.

The loop is made of rubber and is water resistant. It is a spare part that corresponds to Kospet brand watches and watch straps. They can be adapted on the Hope model and on the Optimos Pro model.

The knowledge of watchmaking is not useful to replace its passing. You can do it yourself in minutes. Without damaging the connected watch, you can renovate your Kospet watch on your own.

The loop only fits on the Kospet Hope or Optimus Pro watch, which is why we advise you to check our guide beforehand in order to measure your watch loop and make sure you have the perfect watch loop in your hands. .

Strap keeper for Connected watch Kospet

  • Hope
  • Optimus Pro

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