Xiaomi watch strap loop

Xiaomi watch strap loop

Xiaomi watch loop made with premium silicone. Adapts to connected brand watches of the Xiaomi brand and more particularly to the watch straps of the MI watch models. With this rubber loop you can easily renovate a Xiaomi watch strap. It is a small useful spare part that a Xiaomi Mi watch strap can be repaired without any knowledge in the world of watchmaking. These loops have the characteristic shape of Xiaomi watch loops, since they perfectly fit the contours of a Xiaomi connected watch. Thanks to this loop, your favorite smartwatch is no longer in danger of falling off your wrist. It will effectively hold a Xiaomi brand smartwatch on the wrist of its owner.


It is a kind of watch loop that is used on Xiaomi brand connected watches. It fits perfectly around a Mi watch. This type of watch loop is made of silicone and can be cleaned with soap and water.

This rubber spare part will ensure the perfect maintenance of the tab on the strap of the Xiaomi watch. Being waterproof, this watch loop is soft and can be completely submerged.

You do not need any watchmaking knowledge to install your new loop on your Xiaomi brand watch. It is therefore possible to repair your Xiaomi smartwatch at home.

Thanks to the Xiaomi loop, keep your Mi watch comfortably installed on your wrist and your Smartwatch will no longer risk falling.

Before buying a Xiaomi watch strap, do not hesitate to consult our guide to measure the strap of a watch without making mistakes and to take full advantage of your purchase as soon as you receive it.

Xiaomi Connected Watch strap keeper

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