Polar watch strap loop

Polar watch strap loop

Polar watch loop made of quality rubber. These compatible watch loops for the Pola brand basically fit the M400 and M430 models of the Polar smartwatch brand. If your broken loop is causing you problems, this quality Polar watch loop will do you a favor. This spare part is ideal for repairing your Polar watch strap. The tab will stay in place and won't bother you anymore. Your watch will be safe from falls and will be worn ideally on your wrist. This particular loop adapts perfectly to the specific shape of the M400 and M430 models. Realized with quality silicone, its cleaning is simple: just pass it under water and rub with soapy water.


The Polar watch loop is made from quality rubber, is durable over time and is easy to clean. It perfectly fulfills its role of being able to hold the tab of the Polar watch strap and thus prevent your favorite smartwatch from falling. Thanks to this loop, comfort is ideal when your smartwacth is worn on the wrist.

These M400 and M430 watch loops for the Polar brand have a pleasant feel and can be fully immersed in water.

No need to be a qualified watchmaker to put this type of silicone watch loop on your connected watch! As it is made of silicone, you can pull on it without the risk of breaking.

Finally, the tab of your Polar watch will no longer move on its own and will be firmly pressed against the watch strap.

In order not to make a mistake, make sure beforehand of the correct watch strap you are buying by consulting our online guide to take the measurement of a watch strap.

Polar Smartwatch Strap Keeper

  • M400
  • M430

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